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texts 12,630
Commerce. 546
Communicable Diseases United States Statistics Periodicals. 382
Agriculture--United States 318
Securities. United States. Periodicals. 318
Meat inspection 317
Insect pests 258
Agriculture--United States. 255
Finance, Public United States Accounting Statistics Periodicals. 228
Agriculture. Bibliography. Periodicals. 226
Entomology. 220
Debts, Public. United States. Periodicals. Finance, Public. United States. Periodicals. 202
Shipping United States Statistics Periodicals. 177
Meat Industry and Trade United States Statistics Periodicals. 159
Aeronautics, Commercial United States Freight Statistics Periodicals. 137
Manufacturing industries United States Statistics Periodicals. Inventories United States Statistics Periodicals. 137
Plant quarantine--Law and legislation--United States 136
Cotton Trade United States Statistics Periodicals. 131
Poultry Hatcheries United States Statistics Periodicals. 122
United States Commerce Periodicals 122
Agricultural education 114
College publications 114
Law schools 114
Teachers colleges 114
Universities and colleges 114
University extension 114
University of Florida 114
Personnel management United States Handbooks, manuals, etc.Civil service United States Handbooks, manuals, etc.Personnel management United States Handbooks, manuals, etc 102
Poultry industry. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. Egg trade. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. 101
Manufacturing industries. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. Inventories. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. 100
Oil industries. United States. Periodicals. Oils and fats, Edible. Economic aspects. United States. Periodicals. 100
Consumer Education United States Periodicals. 99
Finance, Public. United States. Periodicals. 97
Imports. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. Exports. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. 95
Animal industry--Law and legislation--United States. 91
Finance, Public--United States--Accounting. 89
Food industry and trade. United States. Quality control. Statistics. Periodicals. Food adulteration and inspection. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. 87
Finance, Public. United States. Accounting. Statistics. Periodicals. PUBLIC FINANCE. Unbist. ACCOUNTING. Unbist. UNITED STATES. Unbist. 85
United States Commerce 80
Communicable diseases United States Statistics Periodicals. 77
Exports--United States. 77
Exports United States Statistics Periodicals. 74
Agriculture. 72
Aerodynamics 66
Cotton Trade Statistics Periodicals. 65
Shipping United States Statistics. 65
Banks and banking Statistics Periodicals. 64
Titanium industry. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. 64
Tobacco industry. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. 64
Wheat Trade Statistics Periodicals. 63
Beneficial insects--United States 62
Entomology 62
Plant quarantine--Law and legislation--United States. 62
SecuritiesUnited StatesPeriodicals. 62
Plant diseases--United States. 61
Potatoes. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. 61
Wool Industry United States Statistics Periodicals. 61
Aeronautics. 59
Industries--Law and legislation--United States. 56
United States. Commerce. Periodicals. 54
Insecticides. Periodicals. 50
United States--Commerce 47
Cotton. Testing. Periodicals. Cotton. Varieties. Periodicals. 44
Bonds United States Periodicals. Debts, Public United States Periodicals 43
Plants--Diseases and pests--Control--United States. 43
Insecticides 42
Bonds. United States. Periodicals. Debts, Public. United States. Periodicals. 39
Dairy products Prices Florida Statistics Periodicals 39
Tobacco industry--United States 39
Tobacco manufacture and trade--United States--Statistics--Periodicals. 39
Copper industry and trade. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. 38
Insecticides. 37
Securities United States Periodicals. 37
Foot-and-mouth disease--United States. 36
Insect pests--Control. 36
Swine Statistics Periodicals. 35
Lumber trade--United States 34
Solar water heaters. 32
Tobacco Industry United States Statistics Periodicals. 32
Cotton Trade Periodicals. 31
Insecticides--Testing 31
Forest products--United States 30
Swine United States Marketing Statistics Periodicals. 30
Forestry law and legislation--United States. 29
Mexican fruit-fly--Control--Law and legislation--United States 29
Solar heating 29
Meat industry and trade United States Statistics Periodicals. 28
Sheep Industry United States Marketing Statistics Periodicals. 28
Cattle--Feeding and feeds--United States. 27
Fumigation 27
White-fringed beetles--Control--United States. 27
Beneficial insects 26
Agricultural estimating and reporting--United States. 25
Meat inspection. 25
Parasites 25
Potatoes. United States. Marketing. Statistics. Periodicals. 25
Aeronautics 24
World War, 1939-1945--Health aspects. 24
Agriculture--Economic aspects--United States 23
Home economics. United States. Bibliography. Agriculture. United States. Bibliography. 23
Railroads--United States. 23
Textile industry--Law and legislation--United States. 23
DDT (Insecticide 22
Solar air conditioning 22
Commodity exchanges. United States. Periodicals. 21
Plant diseases. 21
Plant quarantine--United States. 21
Spraying and dusting in agriculture. 21
Wildlife conservation--Law and legislation--United States. 21
Pests--Control. 20
Seeds. Law and legislation. United States. Periodicals. 20
Shipping Statistics Periodicals. 20
Titanium castings. Statistics. Periodicals. Titanium industry. United States. Statistics. Periodicals. 20
Cotton trade. 19
Insects--United States 19
Plant diseases 19
United States Commerce Statistics Periodicals. 19
Veterinary medicine 19
Japanese beetle--Control--Law and legislation--United States 18
Meat inspection--Law and legislation--United States. 18
Pesticides. Law and legislation. United States. 18
Solar heating. 18
Zoology, Medical. 18
Agricultural pests 17
Cotton textiles--United States. 17
Pink bollworm--Control--United States 17
Retail trade--United States. 17
Wholesale trade--United States. 17
Clothing trade--Law and legislation--United States 16
Construction industry--Law and legislation--United States. 16
Cotton fabrics--United States. 16
Exports United States Statistics Periodicals 16
Fruit--Transportation--United States 16
Japanese beetle--Control--United States. 16
United States. Coast Guard Periodicals. 16
DDT (Insecticide)--Testing 15
Nursery stock--Packaging--United States. 15
Pink bollworm--Quarantine 15
Publishers' catalogs--United States. 15
Vegetables--Transportation--United States. 15
Babesiosis--Law and legislation--United States. 14
Forest fires--United States 14
Insect pests--Control 14
Machinery industry--Law and legislation--United States 14
Plant quarantine--Law and legislation--India. 14
Spraying equipment 14
Spraying equipment. 14
Wildfires--United States. 14
Agricultural pests. 13
Agriculture Economic aspects United States Periodicals. 13
Biological insecticides 13
Gypsy moth--Control--Law and legislation--United States 13
Imports United States Statistics Periodicals. 13
Insect pests. 13
Japanese beetle--Control 13
Plant quarantine--Law and legislation--France. 13
Transportation, Automotive--United States 13
Trucking--United States. 13
United States. Panama Canal Commission 13
Aerodynamics--Research. 12
Budget--United States. 12
Honey United States Statistics. 12
Laminar boundary layer. 12
Plant quarantine--United States 12
Radioactive waste disposal Law and legislation 12
Solar energy--Massachusetts--Medway 12
Solar houses--Massachusetts--Medway. 12
Taxation--United States--Law and legislation. 12
Biological insecticides. 11
Boll weevil. 11
Browntail moth--Control--Law and legislation--United States. 11
DDT (Insecticide)--Testing. 11
Forest insects. 11
Government publications--United States. 11
Organic compounds--Synthesis. 11
Plant quarantine. 11
Wool Industry United States Periodicals. 11
Aeronautics, Commercial United States Statistics Periodicals. 10
Babesiosis in cattle--Law and legislation--United States 10
Babesiosis in cattle--Law and legislation--United States. 10
Bromomethane 10
DDT (Insecticide. 10
Economic development. 10
Farmers. United States. Statistics. 10
Fur trade--Law and legislation--United States. 10
Insecticides--Testing. 10
Meat Specifications United States Periodicals. 10
Plant parasites--United States 10
Plant quarantine--Law and legislation--Great Britain. 10
Plantes--Parasites--Etats-Unis. 10
Plantes--Quarantaine--Etats-Unis 10
Silk industry--Law and legislation--United States 10
Soil fumigation 10
Solar energy--Maryland--Columbia 10
Solar houses--Maryland--Columbia. 10
Spraying and dusting in agriculture 10
United States--Foreign relations--Panama 10
Automobile supplies industry--United States. 9
Bee culture--United States. 9
Bituminous coal industry--Law and legislation--United States. 9
Boll weevil 9